• NCAA Basketball Team Pillow Pets

    Right now these are basketball memorabilia and souvenir best sellers, making them some of the hottest sports gear on the market this season. This is the ECU pirate of East Carolina University. These are excellent collector’s items and they can really help to make your college dorm room more cozy for little money. You just need one of these NCAA pillow pets that are available for every team and campus. Most of these special plush basketball mascots sell for $17-49 each depending on the amount of workmanship and material that had to go into each one. 

    You’ll find most every basketball team in the NCAA represented in these plush floor pillows and each mascot is tailored after their team’s unique look and feel. To grab your piece of the soft and fluffy action, just choose your favorite NCAA basketball team and order one of these plushy pillow buddies to make your late night sports games even more comfortable, especially when there are no spots left on the couch and you have to watch the dunking action from the floor!

    Here’s an example of one of the most instantly recognizable NCAA team pillow pets for sale today. Dogs and cats love these things and many NCAA pillows have been quickly re-appropriated by the resident pet upon arriving home and being left unattended. Pillow pets don’t bite or scratch and they don’t tend to stink up your living space by the time you return from class or a big game. 

    Okay, so they’re not exactly the kinds of sports fan shlock that you’re going to want to wave around in the bleachers, but they’re perfect for college students, fans of college basketball that don’t have a lot of space in their homes to work with, and any parent, family member or close friend of a student at a big state school with a strong basketball program that’s looking for an inexpensive but comforting gift to send their young scholar. 

    Some college basketball fans have been snagging up these snuggy mini mascots as a gift to their four legged friends.

    Basketball fans and NCAA fanatics rejoice – there’s now a more comfortable way to watch your favorite young sports stars from home. If you find yourself fighting over the best spots in your pad from which to watch college basketball on TV, you may want to purchase two soft basketball mini mascots just to be on the safe side. 

    Finally, if you have a soon to be grad in your life, or someone special that’s about to start their first year at a major state school that runs a competitive basketball program, you can always stuff one of these soft sports pads into a box and surprise them with an excellent conversation piece that will help them start to fit in at school. 

    The recent popularity of NCAA basketball team pillow pals also reflects a general trend that is true for most college basketball fans and their favorite merchandise: whereas the most popular NBA gear tends to be clothing that mimics the best basketball player’s own equipment and jerseys, college basketball fans have more eclectic tastes in their souvenirs and home team gear. 

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