• Spider Fighting and Gambling in the Philippines

    they are feed with insects but we avoid feeding them before a fight to make them more aggressive

    “2 minors killed over spider-fighting bet”

    Heated arguments from hot heads sometimes occur because some boy felt he was cheated or welsh on a bet. Occasionally we were found out because of a tattletale schoolmate (usually a girl). Needless to say, a lot of us got to taste the leathery sting of a belt. Although it never deteriorated to such tragic outcome as the news stories below:. Fistfights were not uncommon and going home with a bruised eye and soiled or torn school uniform resulted in the discovery of our illicit activities and the accompanying consequences. :) )

    A spider fight in a local town ended in tragedy with one man killed and another wounded after an argument over a disputed bet.The suspect armed with a handgun fired point blank at the head of his opponent killing him instantly and wounded another as he fled the scene of the crime.

    We stabled them in empty matchboxes or in a specially constructed box which usually have separate cells to house several spiders. A bill or two missing from a parent’s wallet. Sept.03,2010 Negros Occidental, Philippines

    Sept 20,2010 Liloan town,northern Cebu,Philippines

    “Man killed, one hurt over spider-fighting”

    Over an unpaid 5 peso bet (10 cents) a 15 year old stab to death a 13 year old boy. Some petty larceny was sometimes resorted to acquire the necessary stake money. Upon learning of his son’s death, the father sought out his son’s killer and hacked him to death with a jungle bolo.

    Fights would be arrange after school or even during school hours if we could manage to play hooky.The fights were stage in hidden and out of the way places far from parental eyes.Gambling was always involve and most of our lunch money went into it

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