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    Bettis was a battling ram that could move defensive lines forward by himself. The Steelers are potentially without that ability this season. The Steelers have a moderate schedule and could win 10 games this season. The Steelers will need their defense to overplay and rise to the occasion if they want to see the playoffs again.

    Week 1: Miami Dolphins

    Week 2: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    Week 3: Cincinnati Bengals

    Week 4: BYE

    Week 5: @San Diego Chargers

    Week 6: Kansas City Chiefs

    Week 7: @ Atlanta Falcons

    Week 8: @ Oakland Raiders

    Week 9: Denver Broncos

    Week 10: New Orleans Saints

    Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns

    Week 12: @ Baltimore Ravens

    Week 13: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Week 14: Cleveland Browns

    Week 15: @ Carolina Panthers

    Week 16: Baltimore Ravens

    Week 17: @ Cincinnati Bengals

    The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super bowl last seasonalbeit among much controversy.

    Last season they finished 11-6 and got to the Super Bowl thanks to an inept Indianapolis Colts team that just didn’t want to win the game even when it was handed to them. That could be huge for the Steelers, because their first few weeks of the season is filled with tough games. They also lost Chris Hope (DB) to the Tennessee Titans and Kimo von Oelhoffen (DE) to the New York Jets.

    Here’s the Steelers schedule for 2006. Their star quarterback, Big Ben, has just underwent an emergency surgery. They brought in Rodney Bailey (DE) from Seattle to replace Oelhoffen. You’ll see how heavy it is right out of the game.

    The week four bye could play a critical role in the Steelers season. He leaves a hole in the Steelers running game. . During the offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost a good receiver in Antwaan Randle El. Their passing game is somewhat suspect as well. While he’s expected to be back soon, he will miss at least the first two weeks of the season. To replace Hope, they brought in Ryan Black from Washington. However, they could open the season 0-3, because of injuries and missing pieces. He went to the Washington Redskins. If Big Ben has to miss more time, he might only miss three games since he has the early bye week to use. That number could drop a little now that Bettis is gone. Can they repeat this performance? The signs currently point to not likely. Finally, they bought in Doug Easlick, fullback, from San Fancisco. They were 5th in rushing last season. Over the offseason Jerome “The Bus” Bettis retired

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