• Royal Odds: Betting on the Wedding Video

    Now Playing: Royal Wedding: Avoiding a Royal Divorce

    Now Playing: Royal Diary: Etiquette and Traditions

    Now Playing: Royal Family Wedding Entrance Spoof

    Now Playing: Questions Emerge in Early Morning Murder at a Church in Texas

    Now Playing: NYPD Rookie Officer Receives No Jail time in Manslaughter Ruling

    Now Playing: Adam LaRoche Chooses Family Over Baseball

    Now Playing: Houston, Texas, Overwhelmed With Historic Flooding

    Now Playing: Airlines Considering New Ways to Charge Passengers for Good Seats

    Now Playing: Presidential Candidates Battle for New York

    Now Playing: Democratic Candidates Anxiously Await NY Primary Results

    Now Playing: Index: FBI Finds Answers in the Hacked iPhone From One of the San Bernardino Terrorists

    Now Playing: Donald Trump Makes a Final Push for New York Delegates

    Now Playing: Texas Officials Head to Washington to Challenge President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration

    Now Playing: Bernie Sanders Draws Thousands at Rally in Brooklyn

    Now Playing: Three Deadly Earthquakes Strike in 3 Days

    Now Playing: The 2016 Boston Marathon Takes Place Under Heavy Security

    Now Playing: Major American City Under Water Tonight After Receiving Record Rainfall

    Now Playing: One Day After a Zookeeper Is Mauled by a Tiger in Florida, Another Scare Emerges in Toronto

    Now Playing: A Movie Star Couple Shoots a ‘Hostage’ Video Apologizing to an Entire Continent

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