• Adge, the Aggregator of Gaming Data for Affiliates, Doubles Affiliate Program Integrations | Reuters

    Adge is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that starts at 49.00/pm and is available at https://www.adge.com/.

    To gain a better understanding of how Adge can help your business, check out the video at https://www.adge.com/#video.


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    . Using powerful, state-of-the-art software, Adge integrates data from nearly 500 different online gambling affiliate programmes into one cloud based account. Adge, the Aggregator of Gaming Data for Affiliates, Doubles Affiliate Program Integrations

    Adge, a software as a service which aggregates statistics from online gambling affiliate programmes into one cloud based platform, have doubled their coverage from 250 programmes to nearly 500 since launching in Q4 2014. Adge was soft-launched in 2014 and then taken to the wider market in early 2015 at the LAC and ICE trade shows.

    Adge was developed over 18 months by super-affiliate KAX Media to solve the long-standing problem that affiliates have to deal with different reporting systems for each of the affiliate programmes they work with. Given that this is a product that was developed by gambling affiliates, for gambling affiliates, we knew it solved a real problem. With nearly 500 affiliate programmes already supported, affiliates can be sure we already cover the vast majority, if not all, of their partners.

    Iain Coward, the super-affiliate behind freebets.com, remarks I have hundreds of different accounts these take a lot of time to manage. The system covers all key Affiliate Programs and offers three principal benefits to its users: dramatic time savings, hassle-free financial accounting and robust business intelligence.

    Roberto Savio, Sales & Marketing Director for Adge, comments We have been blown away by how well Adge has been received by the affiliate community. The system integrates not only the high level data, but traffic level data enabling powerful reporting of statistics by traffic source across hundreds of gaming affiliate programmes. Also, seeing data from all my accounts in one place lets me analyse the comparative performance of each so now I know where to spend my time in order to increase my revenue at the end of each month.

    About Adge:

    Adge is a revolutionary data integration tool for online gambling affiliates. Clients can access their data from any internet-enabled device, including the Adge iOS app. Ive been using Adge for just a few weeks and already its making my life much easier. All my data is in one format and one place, so it saves hours of trawling through lots of dashboards

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