• ESPN Streak for the Cash Strategy

    Currently, prize for having the longest streak of the month can net a prize of $50,000 plus bonuses of up to $550,000. Keep in mind that this game is a competition and some people may be trying to lead you astray by posting false information (or they may just be wrong). Go with your heart if your home team shows up on the list and cheer even louder than normal. For example, if college basketball team A is 5-0 at home against ranked opponents and they are playing a ranked opponent at home, that information will influence my decision on the prop. In my experience, many of the regulars to these message boards are posting their legitimate picks and opinions about the games or props, so scanning through the postings before you make your pick can be helpful.

    I have played Streak for the Cash on and off for the last few years, starting back when the top prize was $1,000,000 and the contest went for months at a time. Pick games that you’ll actually watch, even if you’re not sure of who will win the prop. This is enough incentive for just about anyone to sign up for an ESPN account and start making picks. I’m from the United States, so soccer is not something that I normally watch but I really got into the game and enjoyed it. To win the big prize, you will have to get lucky and make some gutsy picks to put together a winning streak.

    Everyone wants to win the cash, but only one person out of the thousands that play this game everyday will walk away with the paycheck. After you hit double digits, each game starts to mean a lot and makes it very exciting to watch the games that you pick, even though you are still less than halfway to the overall goal. Below are some tips for people just starting out.

    Tip #1: Just Have Fun

    Crazy concept right? How can you actually have fun when you’re trying to make money online by picking sports and winning $50,000?!?! That’s some serious dough and you have to be dedicated, focused, and forget about picking games and sports that you enjoy because if you enjoy it, you have no chance (kind of like making money on HubPages!). You can take your picks seriously, but also make sure that you’re having fun along the way.

    But seriously…have fun.

    ESPN’s Streak for the Cash is a pick’em style game where the goal is to build the longest winning streak. Like with all sports betting, going with the percentages does not always work out, so go with your gut and take a few risks. An average winning streak for the month has been anywhere between 25 and 32 correct picks in a row.

    Tip #2: Research

    Every prop that shows up on Streak for the Cash has its own message board where hundreds of people chat about the prop. I’m a college basketball fan, but generally only watch my two or three favorite teams…but with Streak, I’ll end up watching a game on ESPN U or having gamecast running in the background at work and checking a score. ESPN.com is a great resource for looking into statistics and trends and you can also search the internet for game previews and predictions by the experts. Streak for the Cash is about getting involved in sports that you don’t normally watch and getting to know teams other than your favorites. During one of my longer streaks, I actually watched a soccer match that was on TV because I had picked one of the teams to win by 2 goals. Also, the person who makes the most correct picks during the month receives a prize of $2,500. . There can be no fun, or else you will fail and not make your $50,000.

    One of the main ways that I will research a pick will be to look at the game logs from each team. The longest streak that I’ve had was 14 wins

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