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    Although Shaquille O’Neal is an experienced player with four championship wins Cleveland doesn’t have enough supporting players on the team to help them win. He is the franchise player that skipped college basketball because of the beauty of his playing abilities. New players are too green to have an effect as it will take them a while to get trained and acclimated to professional basketball.

    Most of the teams that are in contention have franchise players and are at the salary cap so they will not have an opportunity to draft any really good players. The favored team could have a really bad year. One of the other two contending teams that might have a shot is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yet still others feel that the top league players should take a salary cut to gain additional players if they are truly serious about winning. Even as extraordinary as LeBron may be he cannot win the playoffs by himself.

    Number 24 Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have the greatest odds to win. LeBron James leads this team. Many feel that the salary caps should be raised so that other teams can compete. No one yet knows who is going to win and the NBA picks are still too early to decide. Your underdog team could possibly get that NBA ring.

    Do you have a favorite team that you are rooting for? Or maybe you just have a player that you like. They can only do a trade to try and lower their salary budget to bring in fresh blood. In a poll recently posed to fans 51 percent felt that the Lakers would win again in 2010. Nothing is set in stone. Though many say that LeBron is still young and hasn’t fully matured enough to win even though he is a phenomenal player. The other time that happened was with the Chicago Bulls as Michael Jordan wanted to win so badly that he was willing to sacrifice his NBA salary since he was making more money in advertising endorsements. Many people felt that Boston has a 24.3 percent chance to win it all in 2010.. Unless LeBron James is willing to go this route the Cavaliers may never win.

    The other team that is on the watch list is the Boston Celtics. They are the returning champions and have won numerous titles, so they are really the team to watch. They have won a championship game in the past decade so they would need to have a few key players to step up to the plate to get to the playoffs. Does your team have a shot at the next NBA Finals? Usually if the team was pretty good in the previous year they will have approximately the same performance unless major players are hurt, were traded or retired. Unless Kobe gets hurt or something unforeseen happens they should be one of the two teams vying for the title.

    As it is still early yet anything could still happen. Boston used to be a powerhouse in the eighties and they may rise up yet again with the right people in place

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