• Russian roulette: Indiana 17-year-old shoots himself in lethal roulette game

    Deputies say one round was discharged into the victim’s temple.”

    Adds NewsMax: “Because so many Kokomo High School students knew Young, the school had extra counselors available to talk with students the next day, said communications director Dave Barnes.”

    A teenager from Indiana playing Russian roulette ended his life by tragically shooting himself in the head. The boy was with his Kokomo High School friends, playing video games, when he produced a six-cylinder revolver, loaded with a single bullet.. 7: “Deputies said the teenager and several other teens had been invited to the home. The 17-year-old boy, identified as Leroy Young, shot himself in a friend’s bedroom Thursday night at a home located at 4587 W.

    The fatalistic game of Russian roulette is said to have its origins early 1900s Russia, though few news references are available to confirm. Notable individuals who have claimed to have survived the deadly chance game are Malcolm X, who wrote in his autobiography that he played the game to demonstrate his leadership to a burglary ring of which he was the leader. 1300 South in Galveston. The investigation is still in the early stages.”

    Writes CBS News on Dec. They were in a bedroom playing video games when the victim produced a handgun and loaded a single bullet and spun the cylinder. He then placed the weapon to his temple and pulled the trigger. Also John Hinckley Jr., the man who shot President Reagan in 1981, is said to have played Russian roulette twice in the late 1970s; in 1979 a black and white self-taken photograph surfaced of Hinckley holding a gun to his head.

    Miami County Sheriff Tim Miller issued a brief statement to the media: “Leroy Young, 17, died of an apparent gunshot wound at the residence of an acquaintance at about midnight

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