• The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough

    The House Dres Crypts are beyond, up a set of stairs.

    The Indorils have gone too far this time. You need to take a left and follow the long, twisting passage upward until it carries you to a long room with a door at the end. They’ve kidnapped Sen, the son of House Dres, and they hold him captive in his House’s own crypt. Are you up to the task?

    - The waypoint for this quest is very close to the entrance of the Crypts, at least horizontally, but this is misleading. Take another left, ignoring the door, and you’ll find the cage. Doing so will bring the quest to a close, and you can speak to Sen to trigger the next sequence in the storyline. Speak to Sen again once you’re outside and he’ll take off to the Palace.

    - The Grandmaster’s son is, apparently, being held in a Tomb outside Kragenmoor. He has a quest for you that’s detailed below, one you can complete while undertaking Saving the Son.)

    Reward: House Cousin’s Helm, 84 gold

    - Sen Dres is sitting outside the cage, for… Grandmaster Omin Dres demands revenge for his son’s kidnapping, and he employees no less than you to bring Sen back. The cage you’re looking for is actually on a ledge far above the entrance. There are plenty of Vanguard troops along the way, so don’t drop your guard.. Speak to Denu Faren after doing one or the other to complete Aggressive Negotiations and begin Saving the Son.

    - (Before entering the Tomb, speak to the Argonian NPC Laughs-at-All outside the Palace. some reason.

    NPC: Denu Faren

    Location: Kragenmoor

    Level: 15

    - Go inside and speak to Grandmaster Omin Dren. The door you just passed takes you back to Kragenmoor, not far from the Palace. You can also speak to the Grandmaster again to receive another quest…

    Saving the Son

    - To trigger this quest you must first complete Aggressive Negotiations, either by attacking a Vanguard camp or sneaking into a Vanguard Barracks. Speak to him to free him, then follow him out of the Crypts. You’ll find a tunnel leading to the Tomb in the rocks to the northwest of Kragenmoor

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